Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Brakes

The Ultimate Braking Performance for your Street Vehicle

Hawk Performance (formerly known as Hawk Brake) is the performance division of Wellman Friction Products and is an acknowledged leader in advanced friction technology. Hawk Brake initially developed a strong following among weekend racing enthusiasts by focusing on manufacturing brake materials for high performance automobiles. Since then Hawk Performance has evolved into a supplier of high performance brake pads for just about any vehicle.

When we say "Race Proven. Street Legal", we mean it. Hawk Performance has been at the forefront of friction products in the racing industry for years. Now you can get that same "race proven" materials and brake pad technologies for your "street legal" car.

Hawk Performance’s revolutionary friction materials can operate from temperatures of –30° Fahrenheit below zero to 1400° Fahrenheit above zero and offer a coefficient of friction ranging from 0.20µ to 0.68µ depending on the material selected and the application it is required to work in.

Hawk Performance brake pads are manufactured in the United States using the most sophisticated manufacturing processes available. Hawk Performance’s recognition as an ISO 9001 manufacturer is proof that that they are committed to developing the safest, most durable products available.

KC Raceware sells Hawk Performance brake pads at 10% under list price. We don't believe you'll find a lower price on these pads anywhere. Give us a call at (816) 257-7305 to discuss your braking needs so we can recommend the optimum brake pad compound for your application.

Hawk Brakes

“Hawk has a performance brake pad for just about any application. Give us a call to see what's available for your vehicle.”

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